What to expect or how you feel after KORE Therapy:


Most clients feel taller and notice difference in their walking patterns as the body has achieved a correct alignment and posture where before they used to feel cranky.  Many people have reported that their sleep pattern, digestive and bowel habits, etc has improved a lot.

You may feel some new aches and pains for a few days. This is purely because of the adaptation. The body is been using some muscle more than other muscle.  After the right alignment the ‘lazy’ muscles now have to work, while the muscles that were exhausted or inflamed get their chance to rest a bit. It is the same as when you go to the gym after a long time and you notice some aches and pains.

You might feel bit out of alignment after the treatment. The reason behind this is the body has adapted, and being used to in a certain position for years which was incorrect and impacting negatively on your health and creating dis-ease, it felt ‘normal’ to the body.

We recommend you to have plenty fluids for few days after the treatment as the toxins which have released from trapped muscles and torsions, needs to flush out of the body. Also it is advisable not to carry any heavy or strong exercise/ work as it could knock down the alignment which we have been trying to achieve for your optimal health during this treatment.

There is no magic or quick fix in any treatment/ therapy or medicine. As you have to take certain doses of medicine for fix few days, the same way one treatment might not be enough to have full benefits. During the treatment the client’s brain gets alert every time we do muscle testing and that helps to create/ initiate the body’s own healing process, so after few regular treatments the body remembers its correct balance & alignment and you will start to enjoy the health benefits of it.

We live in a constant state of stress now each day and our lifestyle, postures, diet, emotions, relations, work etc affect our overall health in a big way. Do take good care of your body’s internal ‘Engine’ the same as you care for your outer look! Treat yourself regularly – You deserve it and your body needs it!

Important Notice

As a KORE Therapy practitioner, we do not diagnose, prescribe medication or advise you to stop taking prescribed medication without first consulting your doctor. None of the  therapies offered by Core Body balance is intended as primary healthcare. Alternative Therapies work alongside the treatment/medication you have from your professional medical practitioner. If you have any medical concern, you must always consult your GP.