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  • Are you tired of waking up with Stiffness in the body?
  • Do you feel Frustrated taking pain killers and yet suffering with that niggling Pain All day?
  • Are you finding annoying when you want to do lots but run out of the Energy?
  • Are you tossing and turning all night in a hope to have a good night Sleep?
  • Have you tried many ways to get out that pain and nothing seems to work for you?

Let me tell you, your search for the life of Painfree, more Energy and Better Sleep has ended! Book our Complementary Session Today to Begin your Journey to Better Healthier and Happier Life!


 The Complementary session is like quick Body MOT. We do the assessment (neurological/muscle tests) and a mini fully clothed treatment followed by tests again to see how your body responds. Its the opportunity for you and us to find out more about your Health condition and explain how the treatment would support you on your Journey to be Healthier and Happier YOU! Also you can find out that our practice is the right one for you. Only limited places each month so give us a Call TODAY before the Places Run Out. (With our busy practice and high interest, the places get booked very quickly!)


Our aim is to help people who are suffering due to an illness or disease.

We want to improve their health and performance. We work with those who are in pain, who are having a hard time managing their day to day life due to health conditions, or who are under stress from work and home-life.

How can we help these people?

We focus on balancing the whole body, not only fixing the problem areas and/or symptoms.
Often the cause of any health condition is the core areas being out of balance! Your body works as one whole unit so treating only the problem area can never give you long term or permanent results.

At Core Body Balance we find the root cause of the symptoms and imbalances in your body that have caused your current condition or discomfort; and then we put your body back into alignment.

Your body is a unique structure so when your core starts working properly your body will start solving its imbalances itself.

We use techniques and tools from East Asian Medicine & KORE therapy such as Muscle tests to assess, Deep organ massage, Cupping, Acupuncture, Tuina, Mobilisation, Qi-Gong, Korean hand therapy and Cranial-sacral balance to bring back body’s balance and alignment which in turn helps to improve your health condition. It also helps to initiate body’s own healing ability and process.

What others say about us

Hello I wanted to let you know that I feel so good. I feel I am back to myself. I have not felt like this since 2 or 3 months may be even more! I am so pleased to be feeling better. Thank you so much. Love M

M T, Northampton
Thank you Pragna for the amazing treatment you gave me the other week!
It was an incredible experience and I noticed a great change in my body after treatment. Cupping was a new thing to me and it really was a great cure for my neck and back. I felt very relaxed in your presence and you took good care of me!
Thanks a lot again!
K Vigre, Sweden
Great treatment from Pragna for my shoulder pain and stiffness, having suffered for several years trying various treatments to no avail. After 3 sessions the improvement has been unbelievable – this lady knows her stuff. Highly recommended

K Kruger, Northampton
Recieved treatment from Pragna for bloating and lower leg muscle pain. After the first treatment within a few days my bloating had reduced and my muscle pain had improved. I visited Pragna again to help with my lower back pain and her hands are amazing, the pain has significantly improved and I can drive for long journeys now. Thank you Pragna, you are very knowledgeable with magic hands, look forward to my next treatment.
N Sampson, Northampton
Just wanted to tell you that I felt like a new person when i woke up this morning!! No lower back pain! Its totally unbelievable 😉 and I seem to be sleeping a lot better (which I never do). Thank you so very much 🙂 xx

Karen, Northampton
My cupping session was amazing. Very professional ladies. Really helped the stiffness in my tense muscles. I can see why all the Olympians were having this treatment. Looking forward to my next session.

S Maloney, Northampton
Apexa takes the time to listen to me about how my body is feeling and has the ability to target specific problems that I am having. An assessment is carried out at the start of each session, and my is treatment tailored to suit me. A variety of different methods are used to target problem areas, each as soothing and effective as the other. If you are wondering if this is the treatment for you, I would highly recommend trying it out, you wont regret it. I feel much more relaxed and calmer for the following week, and haven’t experienced any of the usual niggling aches and pains during day to day life.

A Lambley, Northampton
Months of persistent pain and stiffness significantly reduced in just the 15 minute free taster. Cannot wait to have further treatments.
E Fontaine, London